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Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends
Dive into Adventure
Hello, Welcome to “Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends” world.
you can get rewards through compete in several games. Let’s Play!

Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends is an online, competitive game
based on Blockchain technology. Play with your friends
and earn seasonal rewards.

  • 101 Battle Royale

    Shoot colorful bubbles and pop them when three or more are adjacent to each other.
    Compete against 100 other people with attractive
    characters and various companions.

    Coming Soon

  • Team Battle

    Two teams of four players battle against each other.
    The winning player leads their team to victory!

    Coming Soon

  • Connect 4

    The game is won by taking turns placing chips and being the first to place four in a row.
    The chips fall to the bottom of the selected row due to gravity.

    Coming Soon

  • Othello game

    This is a game where you take the opponent's chip that is between your chip and your own.
    They take turns placing chips, and the person with more chips wins

    Coming Soon

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